Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3D World #159... Featuring Me!

My film, "Princess of the Magical Tears" has a two-page article about it in this month's issue (#159) of 3DWorld magazine!

It's in the section called 'Short Cuts', and I answered a lot of questions about my thought process and some of the technical challenges I had when making my film.

 The article isn't on the website, it's only in the magazine at the moment, so you have to buy the magazine if you want to read it, but this month's issue will be FREE for the iPad / iPhone during Siggraph, which is August 5th-9th, so check it out then if you have one!

UPDATE:  Here's a link the abbreviated web-version of the article:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Dirty Job

Here's a new test I've been working on:  
The trash that spills out of the bag just ended up being sort of like mud or compost simply because I didn't want to model and animate a bunch of small objects, so sue me!  Just rigging the bag was a trick in itself.  This situation itself is actually very familiar to me from my two years experience as a barback in a New York City restaurant.  I'm just glad to be making new CG stuff for my reel again!

(P.S. The character rig I used is called the 'Malcom Rig' and I got it courtesy of