Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is the character I am building for now in my Advanced CG Character Construction class. I just finished laying down the basic structure for the head, mouth and eyes. In later classes we will be adding the ears, hands, and clothes, and also sculpt the whole thing a lot more, but for now I think he is starting to look pretty good. The edge loops are in all the right places on his face, and he is 100% quads (no triangles, no polygons with 5 or more sides, it's good for deforming textures for animation).  I still can't believe I'm doing this mostly on my own. The teacher for this class is really amazing. This is one of my favorite classes!


(okay not the greatest character design, but it's something for now.)


Andrew Guagliardo said...

Are you constructing using Sub-D or Nurbs?

Brian Carter said...

Sub-D. We created our heads using the sphere method that my instructor says he invented and hasn't seen taught or tutorialized anywhere else. He also had us create a custom shelf with all the tools that we will be using on a regular basis, and he has us doing these SO FAST!

Andrew Guagliardo said...

Yea custom shelves and modding your hot-menu (if you're in maya) definitely streamlines your workflow. It's looking good, are you also going all the way with this model? UV unwrap, texturing and rigging?

Brian Carter said...

Yeah, the teacher said he only has time for one class on UV's and we're doing that towards the end, but at the speed he goes, I'm guessing he'll still cover a lot. To answer your other question, we're going all the way with A model, but I don't know if it will be this one for me, I kind of want to redesign my character, so I will probably do that and start over at some point. But this semester is modeling and then we have another teacher next semester for rigging. And then next year I will do my film in CG with the characters that I learned how to make.