Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Film Time!

This is it; That magical time of year when I go into my cave and don't come out until April. My storyboards for this year's film are almost done, to the point where I can tell pretty much what all the shots in my film are going to be. Now is the time to begin planning how I will complete this massive accomplishment in the few short months that I have. So I thought I would share my production schedule:

These two sheets are what a film looks like to me before the first drawing has even begun.  One is a calendar letting me know what days I have to do each shot, and the other is a shot breakdown, letting me know what pieces of animation there are to do in each shot.

I scheduled my shots from most difficult to least difficult in my calendar.  The red areas are vacation time when I will not be working as much on my film.  I plan to have all of my animation done by the time spring break rolls around, and after that I will spend all of April fine-tuning, coloring, and fixing things that do not work.

All the red stuff in my shot breakdown indicates things that have not been worked on at all, which at this point is everything. When I do some work I change it to yellow, and when I consider it finished, I change it to green. By the end of April, everything red should be green.

I blurred out the descriptions to keep my film a surprise

So that's it!  Look forward to my next film, coming in April...

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